A «de minimis» rule for the infringements of the European Union law?

Una regola «de minimis» per le infrazioni del diritto dell’Unione europea?

Une règle « de minimis » pour les infractions au droit de l’Union européenne ?

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The European Commission’s decision to prosecute more vigorously systemic and generalized breaches at the expense of minor and individual ones, announced in 2017 and last confirmed in 2022, prompts reflection on the application of the rule “de minimis” as part of the infringement procedure. The paper is therefore intended to analyze the decisions and practice of the Commission and to assess whether the possible extension of this rule to the procedure referred to in Articles 258 and 260 TFEU could entail risks in terms of protection of individuals’ rights, proper functioning of the judicial system and respect for the principle of proportionality.