Selected Contemporary Questions from the Activities of the ACER Board of Appeal

Proceedings of the Final conference of the Jean Monnet Module on EU Specialized Judicial Protection ‘Quo vadis, Boards of Appeal?’ 8th-9th February 2024 | University of Ferrara
Contribution to the Roundtable debate on ‘Boards of Appeal, standard of review and the right to an effective judicial protection

Quesiti selezionati d’attualità provenienti dall’attività della commissione di ricorso di ACER

Questions d’actualité sélectionnées dans le cadre de l’activité de la chambre de recours de l’ACER

Abstract ENGITA | FRA 

This contribution will be published within the Special Issue on the proceedings of the conference “Quo vadis, Boards of Appeal? The evolution of EU Agencies’ Boards of Appeal and the future of the EU system of Judicial Protection”, held at the University of Ferrara on February 8th – 9th 2024, as the closing event to Prof. Jacopo Alberti’s Jean Monnet Module “EU Specialized Judicial Protection”. More specifically, this contribution will be included within the Volume’s second section, which traces the debates developed over the roundtable “Boards of Appel, standard of review and the right to an effective judicial protection”.