Procedural Guarantees in Litigation before the Boards of Appeal

Proceedings of the Final conference of the Jean Monnet Module on EU Specialized Judicial Protection ‘Quo vadis, Boards of Appeal?’ 8th-9th February 2024 | University of Ferrara
‘Contribution to Horizontal studies on EU Agencies’ Boards of Appeal’

Le garanzie procedurali nel contenzioso dinanzi alle commissioni di ricorso

Les garanties procédurales dans le contentieux devant les chambres de recours

Abstract ENGITA | FRA

This article explores the issue of procedural guarantees in litigation before the Boards of Appeal. In particular, assuming the legal literature that have examined these Boards from a “static” point of view, the present work aims to propose a “dynamic” study of them, thus focusing on the proceedings that take place before them. This is in order to understand whether, beyond their formal qualification as administrative review, the Boards of Appeal are required to apply, in their litigation, the guarantees of Article 47 Charter or, instead, those of Article 41 Charter.